Post on 2019-10-09

QuikVue Case Sharing from Dr.Eissa 20191009

Dr. Hesham Mahmoud Eissa is a consultant ophthalmologist. He bought QuikVue at EOS (Egyptian Ophthalmic Congress) in March 2019. He is happy to share the following case he treated by using QuikVue to record the pathology progress. 

3 weeks post DALK surgery
3 weeks post triple case( cataract removal,
IOL implantation and keratoplasty)
Corneal granular dystrophy type I
An intraocular foreign body in the AC through
a semi self-sealed corneal wound.

a phaco patient had her surgery couple 

of hours and I implanted a trifocal lens

You can easily see the circles of the trifocal IOL on the optics

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