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iRelief Eye Mask Sales Strategy for Optical Shops and Clinics

Work Flow

Step 1: Patient Education 

Clinicians can explain dry eye disease to patient 

Dry eye is a common disease that caused by unstable tear film or under quality tears.

Introduce dry eye symptoms to patient

•a gritty, scratchy feeling

•burning or stinging sensation


•feeling like something is in the eye

•excessive watering

•blurry vision

•strings of mucus in or near the eye

•sensitivity to light

Introduce common causes of dry eye

•Long time using electronic devices (PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc)

•Wear contact lenses 


Step 2: Patient Examination

Clinicians can use VisuScience QuikVue Smartphone Eye Imaging Adaptor to do a quick examination to patient’s eye to check dry eye situation.

Click here to check product details. 

Check eye lid margin to see if the meibomian glands are blocked.

Check tear film break up time using QuikVue with cobalt blue light and yellow filter kit.

 Step 3: iRelief TM Trial Use Demonstration

Clinicians can prepare following items for patient’s trial use of eye mask.

1.Put the cosmetic pad onto the eye mask and fix them with clipper. 

2.Spray water onto the cosmetic pad

3.Let patient try on and connect eye mask with power bank

4.Switch on power and set temperature at high. If the patient says too hot, switch to medium or low.

Step 4: iReliefTM  Sterilization

Use the UV and drying box offered by VisuScience to sterilize the eye mask for next patient’s try on. 

Switch on the device. It will dry for 140 minutes and then 10 minutes for UV sterilization.

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