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Main Anterior Segment Pathologies for Pets

Eyelid damage

The eyelids protect the eye and allow tears to spread over the cornea.

Entropion is a coil of the lids towards the interior generating irritation of the cornea, the only treatment is surgical.

Ectropion is a winding of the eyelids outward   which will cause dehydration of the cornea.

The tumors of the eyelids are frequently found in older animals, their withdrawal must be early to avoid over-distorting the eyelid.

The  Chalazion  which is an infection of a meibomian gland, treatment is surgical.

The distichiasis and trichiasis are eyelashes problems they cause eye irritation by friction, the only treatment is surgical.

The dislocation of the nictitating gland mainly affects young animals, in predisposed breeds, its treatment is surgical and very important since the gland generates nearly a third of the tear secretions of the eye.



Conjunctival damage

The conjunctiva is a lining that surrounds the eye.

The conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, it may be primary or follow another achievement of the eye.

The tumors of the conjunctiva occur in older animals.



Corneal damage

The cornea is the interface between the inside of the eye and the outside environment, it is very sensitive to infections and trauma because it is very exposed.

The dry keratoconjunctivitis due to deficit lacrimation, certain breeds are predisposed breeds such as short snout or a natural exorbitation eye, medical treatments exist but surgery may be required in advanced cases.

The corneal ulcers are erosions in the cornea, are absolute emergencies as they can lead to perforation of the eye, they are very painful.

The feline corneal sequestration is a mummification of the cornea by necrosis, its treatment is surgical.

The keratitis autoimmune are inflammations of the cornea caused by the body that literally rejects the cornea.

The  trauma of the cornea most often caused by cat scratches, plant elements ...

Corneal granuloma


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