What is Dry Eye and possible Dry Eye causes

Post on 2021-09-13

The passage explains what is dry eye and what causes dry eye syndromes.

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New QuikVue Case Sharing

Post on 2021-09-03

Thanks for Dr.Priyadarshi Asnani's fantastic image sharing with QuikVue.

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Smartphone anterior segment photography as a triage tool for hospital emergency eye care services

Post on 2021-05-17

Smartphone anterior segment photography as a triage tool for hospital emergency eye care

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VisuScience Product Video Clip

Post on 2020-11-30

Please take a look at VisuScience's product video clip.

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Comparative Case Study between IFA960 and HFA750i

Post on 2020-11-20

2 patient comparative case study between IFA960 and HFA750i

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Vet Case Study 20200218

Post on 2020-02-18

The following are some new cases shared by QuikVue users (vet ophthalmologists).

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Vet Case Study for QuikVue Adaptor

Post on 2019-11-06

Dr. Ekaterina Vasilyeva is a vet ophthalmologist from Russia. She is glad to share some vet cases she captured with QuikVue.

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QuikVue Donation to Orbis

Post on 2019-11-04

VisuScience has donated 10 pcs of QuikVueR smartphone eye imaging adaptor to Orbis.

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QuikVue Case Sharing from Dr.Eissa 20191009

Post on 2019-10-09

check out the new ophthalmic surgery images captured by QuikVue from Dr.Eissa

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VisuScience Showed at ESCRS

Post on 2019-09-27

VisuScience showed at ESCRS.

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QuikVue Presentation Seminar held in Russia

Post on 2019-08-15

Russian vet expert sharing experiences in using QuikVue to capture pet's anterior segment images.

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QuikVue Case Sharing from Dr.Eissa

Post on 2019-07-25

Thanks for case sharing from Dr.Eissa recording the progress of treatment of cornea descemet's membrane detachment at the end of trabe procedure for glaucoma.His colleague used air injection and the cornea start to become clear again.

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VisuScience showed at PAAO 2019 Cancun,Mexico

Post on 2019-06-09

VisuScience took another nice presentation at PAAO 2019 in Cancun,Mexico.

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VisuScience's First Show at APAO2019

Post on 2019-03-10

VisuScience made a nice and decent debut at APAO 2019 ;-)

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VisuScience Website is online

Post on 2018-10-20

We are excited to announce the launch of VisuScience's website. Please feel free to take a look on our web pages to know more about us!

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